I've experienced significant improvement in my symptoms. My pain has been reduced, my sleep improved, and I am now able to engage in an exercise program.

"...Significant Improvement"

- SW

...No promises were made; only truth and hope were discussed. Longstanding back and leg problems had finally pushed me to my limit. Epidurals were no longer working, and I was faced with surgery. Christine came into her office on a Sunday for my initial appointment. After 2 months of weekly treatments, I am almost pain free between bimonthly treatments. Tranquility is the best way to define my present state of being.

"...Almost Pain Free"

- BT

Not only has Christine used acupuncture to improve my asthma and allergy issues, she has helped me understand that lack of exercise is a primary trigger. I am now on a daily exercise regimen. I have also taken her advice and changed my diet to avoid foods that worsen my condition.

"...Asthma and Allergy Issues"

- BK

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 12 years ago. After years of medication and increased dosing, I was referred to Christine Bennett. I am an avid curler, a sport that is active and requires flexibility. After seeing Christine weekly, and now monthly, I am no longer taking pain medication, and my curling has never been better. Her treatments have contributed to overwhelming, positive outcomes in my life.

"...Fibromyalgia Relief"

- PJ

I have been seeing Christine for over 6 years. I originally sought treatment for symptoms of GERD. Acupuncture brought me great relief, and has curbed my use of acid blockers. It has reduced my stress levels and bolstered my immune system. I suffer less frequently from head colds, and my allergy symptoms are greatly reduced. Finally, it brought me immediate relief from migraines. I see Christine monthly for tune-ups.

"...Great Relief"

- JD

Christine is without a doubt the most attentive and caring person to work with. I suffered from daily headaches for over a year...and took a lot of medication to stop the pain. She made me feel very comfortable from my very first visit. Within a few visits my headaches were noticeable less painful, and within three months, I was able to discontinue all the medication I was taking. With Christine's expertise, I have been headache free now since January. I now find myself looking to her to help with other medical issues as they come up. She is truly a blessing, and I am so grateful to have found her.

"...Truly a Blessing"

- TM

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